Welcome to the New Website for Impulse Pictures!

Hello Friends,

Welcome to the new website for Impulse Pictures!

This all new site and design was implemented for many reasons but, most importantly, we felt it was time (after nearly 200 releases under the Impulse Pictures banner) to give this label its own identity and site, and let it stand on its own. Previously, the Impulse titles were all tied in with www.synapse-films.com, which was geared toward an entirely different audience. From this moment forward, this will be where to find all the Impulse/Nikkatsu/42nd Street Forever Peep Show related product. As we follow through with our new www.synapse-films.com redesign (which we are in the process of finalizing now), the Impulse titles will be removed from there and start appearing here, on the dedicated Impulse Pictures site.

The functionality and design may be a bit different than you are used to, but we felt it necessary to update everything graphically and internally, since the previous site was well over a decade old in design. The checkout process still uses Paypal (you do NOT need a Paypal account to use it) for credit card authorization and is fully-secure and safe as before, and shipping in the United States (sorry Canada, but we have to charge shipping to you) is still free. Your order confirmation email will look a bit different and much more streamlined.

The beauty of this complete redesign is that it allows us to expand easier in the future and offer new and improved functionality for possible future contests, sales, newsletters, etc.

So, have a look at our new site and if you see anything wrong or have any questions, please feel free to email us using the contact page with your inquiries or concerns.

Thanks so much!

Don May, Jr.

President, Synapse Films, Inc.