Liz: “Momma’s Little Girl” [DVD]


Director: Josephine Milne
Starring: Antoinette Maynard, James Mathers, Thad Watson, Penny King
Runtime: 61 mins.
Release Date: October 24, 2023
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: Full-Frame (1.33:1)
Region: All Region

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Adult film actress Antoinette Maynard (credited here at ‘Lilly Foster’) stars as “Liz” a young woman just trying to survive as a prostitute in Tinseltown. As we watch her tawdry sexploits with various people in the dregs of Hollywood, Liz spends her few quiet moments writing letters to her mom and sending what money she can back home. LIZ: “MOMMA’S LITTLE GIRL” is a gritty, erotic and VERY sexy film from the “Golden Era” of adult features.